Comprehensive training in fundamental analysis and equity research to help you research and invest in stocks.

24 Hour Online Training including pre recorded videos and live doubt solving + discussions.

Upcoming Batch: 17th July to 15th August

Fees - Rs. 10,000 + GST

Fees - Rs. 6,000 + GST

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How do we make you a successful investor?

Our three step training process has been refined over the years and has produced some great success stories.




Comprehensive training provided by our experienced faculty covers all the tools required for successful investing.




The course covers a lot of case studies and assignments where you will be asked to prepare your own investment thesis.




The course covers investor psychology and portfolio construction principles to help you develop disciplined investment approach.




Course Structure

Pre-recorded Lectures

20+ hours of video lectures that you can watch at your own convenience on any device.

Assignment Feedback

You can run and check your own assignments in real time as well as get feedback from the trainer.

Practical Assignments

Every topic will have attached practical  assignments that you must complete.

Continuous Learning

Investing is a process of learning continuously. The course recommends books and other material for that

Live Sessions

Live doubt solving sessions over zoom will be conducted every Thursday with the trainer.

All Free Resouces

The course will cover collecting and analyzing data all from only free resources.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Equity Investment and Analysis

- Why does a business exist? - Function of a stock market - Why investing is so essential? - What is equity analysis? - Process of equity analysis

Components of Successful Investing

- How to keep generating investment ideas - Growth vs Value Investing - Other approaches to investing - Portfolio Construction - Investment Books - Investment Gyaan by Legends - Some thoughts on how to find your own path

Business Analysis

- Reading and Analysing an Annual Report - Reading and Analysing Concall transcripts - Understanding the business model - Competitive positioning of the business - Identifying operating metrics and unit economics - Underlying ROCE compounding - Current & Potential - Cyclicals vs Defensives

Analysing Financial Statements

- Sources of Financial Data - Excel Template for Analysis - Introduction to Financial Statements - Analysing Balance Sheet - Analysing Income Statement / P&L - Analysing Cash Flow Statement - Basic ratio analysis and common sizing - Basic checks for red flags and accounting frauds

Sector Analysis

- Understanding a sector value chain - Regulations in a sector - Headwinds and Tailwinds - Sector Data and Potential - Macro-economic data and relationship with sector - Porter's 5 forces

Principles of Valuations

- Valuation approaches - Cash flow based valuation - Multiples based valuation - Key variables and questions on valuation - Quick, back of the hand valuations

Writing an Equity Research reports

- Components of an Equity Research report - Drafting your investment thesis - Data to back your analysis - Critical analysis of your investment thesis - Building scenarios - Formating, Language and Disclosures

What should you expect on completion?


Self independent investing, you won't be relying on random tips and forwards


Confidence in understanding businesses and how they create wealth over time


Can display investment analysis and equity research skill in job applications

Earn a verified, shareable certificate that carries value

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Course Instructors

Prof. Ronak Gala

  • B.Com., MBA - NMIMS Mumbai

  • Co-founder - Pararthya Capital, provides equity investment advisory to clients

  • Has been a portfolio manager for over 6 years

  • Ex - Tata Capital and Dolat Capital

  • The instructor has been a visiting faculty at various prestigious education institutions including NSE Academy, NMIMS, DSIMS, etc.

  • Has trained over 5000+ students in Investing, Financial Modelling and Valuation over the last 2 years.

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