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Equity Research and Long Term Investing


Wealth creation through Investments

Process of Fundamental Analysis

Careers in
 Equity Research Analysis

Real examples and  Practical data points

Date: 14 July, 2021
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Students Aspiring For Finance Jobs

Students who wish to work in Core Finance profiles such as Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Investment Banking, Credit Rating etc.

Individuals who wish to become Independent Investors

Individuals who want to become independent investors by finding the right company to invest money in through Financial Analysis

Persons looking to create wealth through long term Investing

Persons who want to create wealth through investing by predicting long term trends & finding companies with strong growth potential

Why Fundamental Analysis is Important


Helps you in making a better Investment Decision by understanding the business model of the firm.


Fundamental Analysis helps evaluate the performance and potential of any sector or industry 


Fundamental Analysis helps build a portfolio of winning stocks by extensive company analysis.

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About the Trainer

Prof. Ronak Gala

  • B.Com., MBA - NMIMS Mumbai

  • Co-founder - Pararthya Capital, provides equity investment advisory to clients

  • Has been a portfolio manager for over 6 years

  • Ex - Tata Capital and Dolat Capital

  • The instructor has been a visiting faculty at various prestigious education institutions including NSE Academy, NMIMS, DSIMS, etc.

  • Has trained and Mentored 5000+ students in Finance & Investments.

  • You can visit his LinkedIn Profile here and see hundreds of unfiltered positive feedbacks and testimonials.

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