Comprehensive training in technical analysis to enable you to trade successfully

24 Hour Online Training including pre recorded videos and live doubt solving + discussions.

Followed by a 1 month mentorship

Upcoming Batch:  31st July to 29th August

Fees - Rs. 10,000 + GST

           Rs. 8,000 + GST

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How do we make you a successful trader?

Our three step training process has been refined over the years and has produced some great success stories.




Comprehensive 24 Hour training provided by our experienced faculty covers all the tools required for successful trading.




1 month mentorship to help you develop a trading system so you stop relying on tips and can generate trade ideas on your own.


Earn Together


Be a part of our vibrant trading community where ideas and trades are shared for mutual learning, benefit and growth.




Get a glimpse of our student work

Run by LeapUp Students

Course Structure

Pre-recorded Lectures

20+ hours of video lectures that you can watch at your own convenience on any device.

Assignment Feedback

You can run and check your own assignments in real time as well as get feedback from the trainer.

Practical Assignments

Every topic will have attached practical  assignments that you must complete.

1 Month Mentorship

Do practical assignments in groups on real markets under Saif Sir's guidance & gain confidence to trade.

Live Sessions

Live doubt solving sessions will be conducted every Thursday & Sunday with the trainer.


Join a vibrant community of 1000+ course alumni and exchange trading ideas to earn together

Course Curriculum

Share Market and Technicals Overviews

Share Markets - What is technical analysis and what are it’s assumptions - Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis with live examples
- Markets and trading jargons
- Short selling and it’s advantages
- Types of charts
- Types of scaling
- Free online tools useful for traders
- Understanding swings
- Understanding pivots
- Trend analysis and some market secrets
- Googlsheet trackers

Components of Successful Trading

- Trading strategy and systems overview
- Risk management
- Stop loss setting
- Trail stop loss setting
- Target setting
- Trading psychology
- Discovery of types of traders
- Flow to be used for stock picking
- How to time the market (combining all together)
- How to toggle between timeframes
- What is hedging, how does hedging work (brief on F&O)
Smart money analysis and market secrets
- Trading strategy scanner

Price Patterns

Price Patterns - Price pattern rules and bifurcation
- 4 Reversal Patterns (Bottom) - 4 Reversal Patterns (Top)
- 3 Continuation Patterns (Bullish)
- 3 Continuation Patterns (Bearish)
- Smart money analysis on patterns and some market secrets
- Googlesheet tracker

Candlestick pattern, Gap Theory & Dow theory

Candlestick Patterns - Candlestick pattern rules - Single Candlestick Pattern: Doji, Long legged doji, Dragonfly doji, Gravestone doji, Spinning top, Spinning bottom, Island top, Island bottom, Hammer, Hanging man, Inverted hammer, Shooting star
- Two Candlestick Pattern: Bullish engulfing, Bearish engulfing, Strong engulfing’s, Bullish Harami, Bearish Harami, Strong Harami - Three Candlestick Pattern: Morning star, Evening star
- Smart money analysis on candlesticks and some market secrets
- Googlsheet trackers
- Candlestick scanner - Gap Theory : Common gaps, Breakaway gaps, Measuring gaps, Exhaustion gaps
- Dow Theory : Trends of dow theory, Phases of dow theory

Momentum Indicators and Oscillators

Momentum Indicators - Momentum indicators background - leading lagging indicator - Relative Strength Index (RSI)
- 3 ways to use RSI
- Momentum indicator scanner
- Moving averages and it’s bifurcations
- Moving averages advantages
- 3 ways to use moving averages
- Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD)
- 2 ways to use MACD
- Bollinger band overview and uses
- 2 ways to use bollinger bands
- Volume analysis
- Smart money analysis and market secrets

Support and Resistance

- What are horizontal supports and resistances Support and Resistance - What are diagonal supports and resistances - What are channels and how do you trade them
- What is change in polarity
- What happens when supports or resistance breaches
- Cluster buy / sell
- Traders analysis and some market secrets
- Googlesheet trackers

Fibonacci Retracement and Extension

Fibonacci Retracement - Fibonacci number series and percentage arrivals
- Fibonacci retracement
- Fibonacci extension
- Smart money analysis and market secrets

What should you expect on completion?


Self independent trading, you won't be relying on random tips and forwards


Confidence in understanding exits and entry while trading


Create a great impression with trading trackers and various other dashboards

Earn a verified, shareable certificate that carries value

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Demo Content

A short glimpse from the course where Prof. Saif Thobani explains resistance breakouts using multiple examples.

Course Instructor

Student Feedback

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Prof. Saif Thobani

  • Head of Technical Analysis at Supreme Capital

  • NCFM Certified Technical Analyst

  • NCFM Certified Options Strategist

  • NISM Certified Equity Research Analyst

  • Visiting faculty at Narsee Monjee College

  • Previous experience of conducting lectures at National Stock Exchange, NL College, MMK College and other reputed institutions


There is mention of 1 month mentorship. How does this work?

LeapUps 1 month mentorship post course completion comprises of weekly assignments covering all concepts and trading strategies taught during the course. This fosters the participants confidence as an independent trader. Many live activities are planned as well where the participants gets a first hand experience of trading intraday using of minute based timeframe charts. One thing is guaranteed, the participant learns the secrets of taking highly rewarding trade setups, contrary to a layman who has no trades planned.
The last and final week of mentorship covers developing trading scanners and strategies for automated trading, a stepping stone to venture into algorithm trading.

What is the duration of the course and which online platform will be used for the same?

The course is conducted across 2 months which includes pre recorded sessions, live doubt solvings + discussions and a 1 month mentorship. It will be conducted online through LeapUps zoom/free conference call platforms.

I am very much inclined towards trading USDINR and Gold as I am into commodities business. Will charting help me to make decision?

Yes. Technical analysis is applicable on all securities which are tradeable. Ranges right from commodities like gold, silver, etc, to currencies, to crypto currencies to equities. We have had many participants in the past who have beautifully availed knowledge of share markets and charting and are using it to their advantage to manage their business, hedge their operational positions, delay a payment when expecting lower prices, demand a payment when prices are high and even speculate based on highly convincing opportunities.

How is the course structured? What is the flow the faculty uses and what to do if I have queries?

We at LeapUp have developed a pragmatic approach which reflects in our teaching methodology. We have a PowerPoint presentation for reference using which the faculty explains the concepts, then moves on to provide retrospective examples to practically teach the student how it works in real world, over and above theory. Post this, there is live charting and analysis on current data, first by the faculty and then by the participants under the faculty’s supervision. This ensures independent applicability of the taught topic. All work is reviewed by the faculty and a Q&A session is conducted for that particular topic. Only once we get a green go from all participants we move ahead with the next topic.

What if I want to learn the concepts in more detail with more examples ?

LeapUp has structured a retrospective ledger for our fellow participants.
It comprises of examples, data and charts to explain a concept in more detail. Besides this, there will be a closed Equity Trading group with the participants where 24x7 assistance is provided pertaining to conceptual doubts and trading setup discussions.
Each session starts with a recap of previous session and Q&A so that participants can clear their queries before learning something new.