A complete course on financial modelling & valuation

24 Hour Course divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each

Upcoming Batch: 27th Mar to 18th Apr (Weekends Only)

Fees - Rs. 9,999/-


Need For This Skill

Valuation as a Skillset


Strategy teams or teams concentrating on inorganic growth read Mergers & Acquisitions of corporates extensively use valuation as a skillset.

Become a Professional


The participant can decide to practise in the domain of valuation. Alternatively the participant can work with consulting firms offering valuation as a service line. 

Application of Valuation


The skill set finds an extensive application in the field of equity research and investment banking and is the premise for taking investment decisions.

Course Highlights

Man Working at a Desk

The instructor is a portfolio manager for 6+ years which involves valuing businesses on a regular basis.


Complete excel based course, with live cases addressing various aspects of business valuation. 

Business Meeting

The course will cover modelling for 3 different sectors and 3 different valuation methods.

Course Curriculum

Multiples based Valuation

- Identifying the right peer group - Identifying the right multiples - Trailing vs Forward Multiples - Adjusments for intangible factors - De-rating and Re-rating - Exit Multiples - Market Multiples vs Transaction Multiples

Discounted Cash Flows

- Estimating Beta and WACC - Asset Turns to Revenue - Working Capital and Other Adjustments - Terminal Growth and Value - Sensitivity Analysis - FCFF vs FCFE

Dividend Discounting Model

- Identifying the right business
- Estimating sustainable ROE
- Dividend vs Growth
- Application of DDM

Projected Financial Statements

- Projecting P&L Statement - Projecting Balance Sheet - Projecting Cash Flows - Capex Cycle and Fixed Assets - Revenue Growth and Cost Drivers - Working Capital Projections - Debt and Equity Projections

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Traditional Business Case Study 2 - Banks / NBFC Case Study 3 - Technology Business

Historical Financial Statements

- Understanding the Business Model
- Customizing Model Template
- Working Capital Analysis
- Ratio Analysis
- Trend Analysis

What should you expect on completion?


Comprehending financial statements by analysing  key ratios and other financial metrics that an informed investor would analyse before  taking investment decisions.


Understand the concept of valuation and its application in finance and investements 


Participants will be able arrive at the value of a business/entity by discounting the future economic benefits.


Participants will be able to arrive at the value of the business/entity by benchmarking its performance with their respective peers/ comparables.


Build valuation models incorporating internationally accepted valuation methodologies such as FCFF, FCFE, CCM, DD etc. to determine fair value, investment value etc.

Course Instructor


Prof. Ronak Gala

  • B.Com., MBA - NMIMS Mumbai

  • Co-founder - Pararthya Capital, provides equity investment advisory to clients

  • Has been a portfolio manager for over 6 years

  • Ex - Tata Capital and Dolat Capital

  • The instructor has been a visiting faculty at various prestigious education insitutions including NSE Academy, NMIMS, DSIMS, etc.

Who is this course suitable for?

Students Aspirirng For Finance Jobs

Students pursuing 

B.Com / BAF / BMS / BBA / BFM / BIM


B.Sc. Fin / B.Sc. Eco / BA Eco

Professional Course Students

Students pursuing




Young Working Professionals

Professionals working in

CA / Consulting Firms

Broking & Investments

Accounts & Audit

Lending & Financial Services