Financial Modelling & Valuation

Build your own Financial Model & DCF Valuation from Scratch in a 15 days!

Analyse the business and identify the key financial and operating metrics

Identify the key drivers in each business and forecast financial statements

Learn the process of rationalizing your assumptions used in the financial model

Build a Discounted Cash Flow model to value the business like a professional

This Course follows a Hybrid Learning Model

  • Pre-recorded Video Lectures for self-paced learning

  • In the video lectures, we will make the model of a listed Indian Technology Company.

  • As assignment, you will be making the model for another company in the same sector

  • Regular live interactive sessions for doubt solving, engagement and aiding your assignment completion.

This model of learning leads to better student engagement as well as higher completion rate for the course.

Special Discount on Course Fees of Rs. 2,999/-

Upcoming Batch starts on 20th March, 2021.

Course Content

Forecasting Financial Statements

- Identifying key drivers - Using the drivers to forecast financial statements - Debugging the model

Historical Financial & Operating Data

- Correct sourcing of financial data and figures - Sourcing Operational Data - Conversion to correct units - Best Practices for Data Input

Rationalizing Input Assumptions

- Process of rationalizing assumptions - Building real world scenarios into assumptions - Assumption Best Practices

Customizing the Model Template

- How to start building a model template from scratch - Customize the line items in the model to suit the business - Identifying the material line items and dealing with non-material line items - Operating Data metrics - Working notes for the Model

DCF Valuation

- Conceptual Framework of a DCF Valuation - Building a DCF Model - Proper assumptions in a DCF Model

Understanding the Business Model

- How to research about a business - Understand the key financial metrics - Identify the key operating metrics

Case Study

- Indian Technology Company 1 - Covered in Video Lectures - Indian Technology Company 2 - Covered in Assignment & Assignment Solutions

Course Structure

Day 1&2

20-21 Mar 2021

 Video Lecture 1 Available

 Video Lecture 2 Available

Day 7

25 Mar 2021

Break Day

Use it to finish Assignment 

Day 12

31 Mar 2021

Live Doubt Solving Session

8 pm - 9 pm

Day 3

22 Mar 2021

Break Day

Use it to finish Assignment 

Day 8

26 Mar 2021

Live Doubt Solving Session

8 pm - 9 pm

Day 13

01 Apr 2021

 Video Lecture 7 Available

Day 4

23 Mar 2021

Live Doubt Solving Session

8 pm - 9 pm

Day 9&10

27-28 Mar 2021

 Video Lecture 5 Available

 Video Lecture 6 Available

Day 14

02 Mar 2021

Break Day

Use it to finish Assignment 

Day 5&6

23-24 Mar 2021

 Video Lecture 3 Available

 Video Lecture 4 Available

Day 11

30 Mar 2021

Break Day

Use it to finish Assignment 

Day 15

03 Apr 2021

Mega Webinar 

3 pm to 6 pm 

Profiles where Financial Modelling is a pre-requisite

Equity Research

Project Finance

Investment Banking





Wealth Management

Mergers & Acquisition

And Many More...

Who is this course suitable for?

Students Aspiring For Finance Jobs

Students pursuing 

B.Com / BAF / BMS / BBA / BFM / BIM


B.Sc. Fin / B.Sc. Eco / BA Eco

Professional Course Students

Students pursuing




Young Working Professionals

Professionals working in

CA / Consulting Firms

Broking & Investments

Accounts & Audit

Lending & Financial Services

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Upcoming Batch starts on 20th March, 2021.


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Student Testimonials


Vidhi Shah

ASK Advisory 


I did the the Financial Modeling and Valuation course online with LeapUp Edutech. Both the courses were very helpful and informative. The best part was that we got a very practical and hands-on learning experience. The faculty is absolutely great, helping and guiding us at every step. Even though it was an online course they made sure that everyone participated and understood all concepts thoroughly. I would highly recommend students aspiring for a career in finance, to take up these courses as this knowledge is something which no other theoretical course will offer.


Kushal Shah

Grant Thornton


This course was beyond my expectations and beyond the money you will be paying for the course. The faculty works tirelessly so that your concepts are clear. The best part was that we got a very practical and hands-on learning experience. You will learn to make a financial model independently. Even though we conducted lectures online we had the personal touch and attention that we expect in physical sessions. The knowledge from this course helped me professionally as a research analyst. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.


Neel Veera

N.M. College


Financial Modeling is the last thing that you do but it is the most important one in valuing a company. And who better than LeapUp to learn it from.
The Faculty is just perfect. He wont just teach you how to do FM but also what to look into a particular business while valuing it. From a Simple doubt to a Complex one, He will answer everything with a smile. After the course, it's a guarantee that you will be able to make a model on your own.
P.S. It's worth every penny.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-23 at 2.16.50 PM.

Harshit Mashru

Morgan Stanley


The course of Financial Modeling and Valuation at Leapup Academy was very well taught and conclusive course. We were explained in detail each and every step of from researching about the company and that industry, what are the important factors that are to be used to prepare a model, how to predict those factors to finally deriving it's value.  Even though we conducted lectures online we had the personal touch and attention that we expect in physical sessions. 

Lock in 60% Discount on course fees of Rs. 2,999/- now

Upcoming Batch starts on 20th March, 2021.


About the Trainer

Prof. Ronak Gala

  • B.Com., MBA - NMIMS Mumbai

  • Co-founder - Pararthya Capital, provides equity investment advisory to clients

  • Has been a portfolio manager for over 6 years

  • Ex - Tata Capital and Dolat Capital

  • The instructor has been a visiting faculty at various prestigious education institutions including NSE Academy, NMIMS, DSIMS, etc.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-22 at 3.38.15 PM.

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