Option Trading Strategies

Take your trading to the NEXT LEVEL

24 Hour Course divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each

Upcoming Batch: 22nd May to 13th June (Weekends Only)

Fees - Rs. 10,000/-


How Does This Course Help A Trader?

Better Risk Reward Trades


Option trading can help you take advantage of your directional view on a stock with a better and defined risk-reward setup.

Regular Income Generation


Option strategies can be built around time decay, expiry as well as company results. This makes it easier to earn regular income.

Low Capital Requirement


The new SEBI framework has reduced the margin requirement for defined risk trades leading to much lower capital requirement.

Course Highlights


Learn from an Industry Professional


Extensive and In-depth training


Post Course Mentorship & Support

Course Curriculum

Basic Option Strategies

Covered Call / Put Stradlles Strangles Spreads Collars Butterflies Condors

Option Pricing

Binomial Option Pricing Model Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model Put-Call Parity Option Greeks Implied Volatility

Practical Option Trading Strategies

Options to improve risk-reward in a normal trade Result based strategies Expiry based strategies Adjusting an ongoing option trade

Advanced Option Concepts

Intrinsic Value of Options Time Value of Options OI Data and Analysis Shorting Options Multi-leg Payoffs

Trading Framework

Risk Management Position Sizing Options for Hedging positions

Option Basics

Introduction to Options Payoff Diagrams Moneyness Option Chain Time Value of Money

What should you expect on completion?


A working knowledge of option trading


A certificate of course completion


Access to LeapUp trading community

Course Instructor

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-05 at 16.33.19.jp


Professional Trader with 4+ years exp.

NISM Certified Research Analyst

NCFM Certified Options Strategist

Founder - Vantage Research

Visiting Faculty at NSE Academy, NM College, etc.

Saif is a full time trader and has a keen interest in researching and teaching technical analysis.


He has trained 1500+ students in Technical Analysis and Options Trading  over the last 4 years.

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